Motor Carrier Interchange Agreement

In one case, a Texas state appeals court refused to apply Maryland law to a dispute with the UIIA and applied the Texas Transportation Code, which prohibits airline compensation. CMA-CGM (America), Inc. v. Empire Truck Lines, Inc., 416 S.W.3d 495 (Tex). Ct. App. 2013) (court found that the application of Maryland law under UIIA law would be contrary to the anti-compensation policy expressed in a section of the Texas Transportation Code prohibiting airline compensation). The UIIA also includes an agreement to file all maintenance, repair or invoice disputes for the holding of containers or chassis between users and device suppliers for binding arbitration proceedings. The arbitration procedure is managed exclusively by IANA. The guidelines for arbitration procedures are contained in Schedule D of the UIIA.

By participating in the UIIA, a road transport company agrees to be bound by the provisions of the UIIA and any subsequent changes governing the replacement and use of equipment in the intermodal exchange service. The equipment supplier, usually a shipping company, a railway company or a leasing company, agrees that the UIIA will be the only agreement to be used in its exchange activities with an engine company prohibited by the UIIA, unless it is generally replaced by a separate bilateral exchange contract for written equipment. [2] As a general rule, the law states that, in spite of any other provision, “a provision, clause, agreement or agreement included in a transport contract for road hauliers or which relates to a transport contract that purports to be unscathed, defended or unscathed, or has the effect that liability in the event of loss or damage resulting from negligence or intentional acts or omissions of the promise , is nonsible and unworkable. Md. Cts. Proc. However, there is an explicit and specific exception of the UIIA to the definition of the “car transport contract” in the statutes, which states that “2. ” Motorcarrier Transport Contract” does not include: A. the agreement on access to intermodal exchanges and equipment, as amended by the Executive Committee for Intermodal Exchange; or B.

Other arrangements for the exchange, use or possession of intermodal chassis, containers or other intermodal equipment. Md. Cts. Proc. The UIIA contains provisions for access to premises; Replacing equipment The use of devices Liability, compensation and insurance and, among other things, dispute resolution. The UIIA assigns the respective responsibilities between users and providers of access equipment to the other party`s premises for the purpose of changing intermodal transport equipment and defines the conditions under which these intermodal equipment are used.